State-of-the-art cultivation facilities, precisely designed to produce thriving cannabis plants. Our in-house lab team ensures product purity and quality before moving products through production, packaging, and shipment.

Care from Start to Finish
Our Master Marijuana Cultivators have 10 years of combined growing experience which makes our product some of the best marijuana in Oklahoma. Progressive Grow Labs is a state-of-the-art grow facility located in Eastern Oklahoma offering over 10 strains of HIGH-QUALITY marijuana with HIGH POTENCY. Each strain has a unique flavor and finish for all types of smokers. We pride ourselves as careful and meticulous growers and it shows in our product! We test all strains of marijuana THC levels. This is a very important step before our products are sold to dispensaries. Contact us today for more information on our diverse line of new products!

Growing with Progressive

We strive to produce exceptional medicine for Oklahoma’s medical marijuana patients by ongoing development of new and better products!  Our goal is the patient’s goal: To improve quality of life by providing exceptional medicine. We strive to achieve this through consistent high-quality and consistency in dosing.

Our Vision

Progressive Grow Labs is for a free and fair "craft cannabis" marketplace, where experienced cannabis growers and dispensaries create jobs and develop new products and services through innovation and sustainable agriculture.